Watercolor Resist with Tape

Painting is a great way to spend a blustery day. This project appears in "Create With Me Winter 2012 (Volume 2 # 1)"
It is also all over Pinterest.  Trees seem to be the popular choice but you can use masking tape to fashion just about any shape.

     Tape resist is a very easy technique to learn. You simply tear off pieces of tape and stick it to the paper in the desired shape. Next, you paint. The tape will resist the paint. Once your picture dries, you peel off the tape. The paper that was covered with tape will still be white, assuming you used white paper.

Learn watercolor resist

Red and Kitty's tree

easy painting technique

Mom's tree

Water color and tape resist

Red and Kitty's tree, with tape



The kids and I had a lot of fun with this. Red tore the tape for the tree on the left so that her little sister could paint it. I did the tape on the right. My son opted for snowflakes and we made a snowman for the wee one as well.  We sat around the table with a roll of masking tape and a few sheets of  watercolor paper.  Then we painted. After we applied the watercolor, we sprinkled on a little bit of salt to give it more of a snow effect. The hardest part was waiting for it to dry so that we could peel off the tape.


easy art lesson

watercolor resist lesson