Spring Grass Wreath

How to make a daisy and grass wreath

Spring grass

The idea for this came from  Patty Schaffer’s blog. It’s super cute and all over pinterest at the moment.

I’ve really got to start reading the directions for projects before I head to the store. I tend to rely on memory and that really isn’t a smart move for me.

I ended up purchasing:

12 inch foam wreath for $4.99

2 balls of green fun fur at $4.79 each

.5 yard small daisy chain $2.50

Gingham Ribbon for $3.79

Pink Pearlized pins for $4.99


I bet you’re wondering where those pink pins are aren’t you? I didn’t use them. It’s a cute wreath but I didn’t feel like spending $25 on it, so the pink pins are going back. Also, I bought a  12 inch wreath instead of the 8 inch that  Patty used (which I’m sure upped the cost a bit) and because I had a larger wreath, I needed two balls of yarn as opposed to just the one. Buying the appropriate components would have saved me a bit more as well.

Fun fur Wreath with Daisies

Yellow pins and white daisies

My daisy chain also had smaller flowers without pink centers.  I happen to like yellow centered daisies so I’m cool with it. It was unintentional but I  like the smaller flowers that I went with, as they remind me more of the flowers that pop up in lawns in the spring.

Construction: It was a super easy craft to make, but the wreath took a bit of patience. I started wrapping the fun fur around the wreath form at the beginning of Grimm and I still wasn’t finished when it ended. I noticed that as I was wrapping the yarn, previously wound fibers were getting caught under the new threads. To combat this issue I wound the yarn once, pushed all the fibers to the left out of the way, and then did another round.  My progress was further hampered by the tangled mess that was my ball of yarn. I had to stop several times to undo big knots in my skein.

Flowers: This was the easiest part to make.  I snipped apart my chain of daisies, skewered each one with a yellow pin and then stuck them in to the wreath.  I then  added a ribbon bow and called it good.

What I like about this project: I hang my wreaths in the middle of a window. It’s super easy to add flowers to both sides of this wreath so that it is pretty from either side of the glass.

What I’d do differently: I’d go with the 8 inch wreath form. I’d also like to get a wider ribbon, and maybe add a chick to the center of the wreath.

Make a wreath for Easter: DIY

Use a Daisy to keep your ribbon in place

I added a daisy to the center of my ribbon to hold it in place.

If you are looking for an easy, fun craft to make for Easter, I’d definitely keep this one in mind. You can find everything you need to make this Easter wreath at Joann’s, and that's just super convenient.

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