Scandinavian Tea Light Lanterns, from “Christmas Crafting in No Time”

Paper tea light lanterns

Tea Lights

I really wish that I had been able to get a good photo of these. They looked fantastic up on the mantle with my paper flower wreath and Dala horse Candle holders. So pretty..

The instructions and templates for these paper lanterns can be found in Clare Youngs' book, "Christmas Crafting in No time".
Super cheap, I love paper crafting!  I already had everything that I needed so this was practically free for me. I used two drinking glasses and a vase for the base of my lanterns, a few sheets of typing paper, tea lights, tape and basic craft supplies.
The instructions call for using tracing paper to transfer the design. It also calls for card stock or thick drawing paper. I pulled paper out of my printer and I used dressmaker's carbon to transfer the pattern. When I finished cutting everything out, I just flipped them over so that the residual lines were on the back. It's pretty straight forward. Transfer the pattern and then cut along the lines. You can then either tape the paper directly to the drinking glass, or you can make a sleeve to slip around the glass using tracing paper. I just taped my paper directly to the glass as I didn't plan on keeping the lanterns for next year. When I make them again next year I plan to use heavier paper. I will attach those ones to sleeves so that they can easily be removed and reused.
I was really surprised by how much I loved these.

You can look for "Christmas Crafting in No Time" at Amazon, Barnes Nobles and Powell's Books.