Make a Paper Wreath for Christmas

Paper Christmas Wreath

Easy Paper Wreath

I wanted to do something a little bit different for Christmas this year. For the past few years my Christmas crafting has been completely monopolized by making bead ornaments for the tree. I was burnt out, and I had way more snowflake ornaments than any one family needs.  At any rate, I got the Christmas boxes out, looked at all of the pretty lead crystal beads and decided that there wasn't any way I could hang them all within arms reach of my toddler. I bought a small tinsel tree to put in a kitchen window, added a few snowflakes and then packed the rest of them up. I then decided to start over. I wanted new ornaments, and new decor for the house. I ordered "Christmas Crafting in No Time" and got busy.

The very first craft that appears in Clare Youngs' book is a Silver Flower Wreath. The wreath is made from mirrored silver card stock, glue and a piece of foam board. I got all of my supplies at my local Joann's.
This was a fun and super easy craft for Christmas. The wreath was tough to get a good photo of, as were the candles that went up on the mantle with it. It was very beautiful though. Our family room is dimly lit but the wreath took the light from the candles and scattered it about. It was rather striking.

The instructions call for 4 sheets of mirrored card stock. I bought 5 just in case and I'm so glad I did. I found it with the specialty card stock over in the scrapbooking section. I think it was $1.99 a sheet. The foam board was just a few dollars as well, so the wreath set me back about $13.

     Tips for Construction: 

Basically, you're going to make two templates using the pattern in the back of the book.  One for the petals, and one for the flower centers.  You trace around the templates on the back of the mirrored paper. 60 petals, 10 centers, and then you cut them out. You will take 6 petals and arrange them into a flower shape and (using the template on the top petal) cut a slit through the stack.  However, a craft knife won't cut through six sheets of  card stock at  a time so you will be lifting the petals off one at a time so that you can cut through the next petal.

Tip  1:

If you have extra space on your paper, use it to cut out one extra flower center and several extra petals, just in case

Tip 2:

When cutting the slots in the petals, take special care not to move any of the petals in the stack while you are working your way down the pile. If they move at all, they won't line up properly when you go to assemble your flowers

Tip 3:

As you remove each petal to cut the one beneath it, make sure you line them up in order so that you can easily reassemble the flower after the cuts have been made.

Tip 4:

If your cat jumps up on the table and destroys your efforts in tip 3, don't panic. It's easy enough to puzzle out the order of the petals.  The angle of the slot changes slightly with each one.  Besides, if the petals don't go on in the right order, it's easy enough to pull them off and try again.

I'm really enjoying this book. The ideas in the book are stylish and easy to make. I also like that there is such a wide variety of crafting techniques that are used. Clare covers paper crafting, clay work, sewing, recipes,table decor,  foil craft, gift wrap ideas, gifts and Christmas cards.

You can look for "Christmas Crafting in No Time" at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Powell's Books.