Crystal Wreath

plastic bag wreath

Sandwich bag wreath


This is a Classic, Children’s Christmas Craft. I found this in a Family Fun magazine, but I remember making one of these way back when my eighth grader was in Kindergarden.

One of the best things about this Christmas craft is how inexpensive it is to make. I had to buy all of the components as we don’t have any wire hangers in the house.







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I purchased a 10 inch wire ring from Joann’s. I initially went to Fred Meyers to see how much a wire hanger was, but they wanted $7 for a pack and I only needed the one. If I remember correctly, the ring was less than a dollar and it had the added bonus of already being in a perfect circle. Cheaper and Easier! The zipper-less plastic sandwich bags were less than $1.50. I bought two boxes, so my overall supplies cost me less than $4. not to shabby…




sandwich bag wreath


Take a plastic bag and tie it around the ring.








Plastic bag wreath







Repeat, repeatedly.  I used roughly 170 plastic sandwich bags to make my wreath. You want to push them snugly up against one another as you go.







make a plastic bag wreath




Once I got them all on there, I went back and straightened out all of my knots so that they were all on the back side of the wreath. To hang it, I just looped a white string around the wire between two of the knots. Add a bow and you’re good to go!








Flip it over and admire your handy work.  To finish it sandwich bag wreathoff, add an appropriately colored bow and you're done!