Bouncy Baubles, Crocheted Christmas Ornaments

Bouncy Baubles, a Lisa hoffman Design

Bouncy Baubles


I found the pattern for “Bouncy Baubles” on page 47 of the Better Homes and Gardens, Special Interest magazine “Holiday Crafts”. The magazine has a picture of a snowman pillow on the cover, It’s super cute.  I highly recommend buying the magazine if you can still find it in the local shops.

I was hoping to find the instructions online so that I could link to them. No such luck. You can, however, purchase ready made ornaments directly from the gal that submitted the design to the publication. Lisa Hoffman, and her much prettier crocheted ornaments can be found on etsy.

I’m pretty sure I over stuffed mine. Also, as a novice crocheter, my stitches leave a little bit to be desired. I’m happy with it though and I’ll be knocking out some more in blue and teal.

I went with the Bamboo Ewe yarn. It’s a combination of bamboo and wool, but more importantly it was the only brand of yarn at Joann’s that had the both the vibrant colors I was looking for and a suitable grey for the top.  It was around $5 a ball at Joann’s but you can pick it up for less at Amazon.  I chose "eucalyptus","Sprout", and "twilight"


crocheted ornament hanger

yarn ornament hanger

I did make one change. (of course!) The instructions call for attaching a wire hanger to the ornament after you have competed it. I currently have a toddler in my home and she is all over the Christmas tree.  As this is a crocheted Christmas tree ball I’m pretty comfortable having it on the tree  this year. However, I’d prefer not to find little metal hangers that are hiding in the carpet with my feet.  So here is what I did.

The ornament is constructed in two parts. First you crochet, stuff and finish off the ball. Then you work the gray top, stuff it and stitch it to the ball. Both pieces are stitched in the round and that means that there is a tiny hole in the top of the ornament. (at least there is in mine) :)  I took an appropriately sized button and pulled some yarn through the button holes. I knotted it at the top and trimmed off the excess yarn. I then took the knot and pushed it through the top of the ornament before I stuffed it.  The button does two things. For one, it brings the yarn directly out of the center of the ornament. Second, it keeps the yarn from being pulled through. So far, it seems toddler proof….