Blossom Bunny Blanket, A “Sweet Nursery Chic” design

Easter Bunny Baby Blanket

Bunny Blanket

I haven't done any quilting in years. I was looking through "Sweet Nursery Chic" and decided that the "Blossom Bunny Blanket" would be the perfect project to slowly wade back in with. It's also a fun craft for Easter.

The blanket in the book isn't actually a quilt. We like to keep our house fairly chilly so I added an extra layer of batting and machine quilted it before adding a satin binding around the edge. The pattern directions are actually much simpler.  Basically this is what you'll be doing: Sew two pieces of fabric together. Add a piece of rick rack along the seam. Applique the Bunny. Take the blanket top and backing (right sides together) and stitch around the edges leaving an opening large enough to allow you turn it. Turn it right side out and then stitch the opening closed.

I much prefer how the blanket in the book looks without the binding. I also prefer the brighter, more Spring appropriate colors of fleece that are used. Unfortunately I had to go with what was available in my local fabric shop. If you are a fan of traditional quilting, there is a bunny quilt pattern in the book that would look fabulous in any crib, along with a pillow, wall hanging and plush bunny fairy, complete with wings.


Blossom Bunny Baby Blanket

Bunny Blanket

"Sweet Nursery Chic" contains 10 charming themes. Frog Pond, Blossom Bunny, Star Gazer,Jungle Chic, Funky Monkeys (very cute), Mango Tango, Posh Poodle, Bayou Buddies (also very cute) Princess Lily and Butterfly Garden. The first chapter covers techniques which makes this a great learning book. The instructions are easy to follow to boot.
I love, love, love the fleece applique blankets. There isn't any actual quilting involved, they go together quickly and they are super soft and cuddly. My toddler drags her blanket around with her everywhere, so it was definitely a hit!

You can look for "Sweet Nursery Chic" at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Powell's Books.