Embroidered Heart Table Runner

Christmas Red Work Table Runner

Table Runner

It's been quite a few years since I've done any embroidery. I've done kits before but this is the first time I've transferred a pattern on to fabric and just went for it. I think I did okay.
The pattern and instructions for this red work table runner appear in Clare Youngs' book "Christmas Crafting in No Time". Having said that, it also looks great on the table for Valentine's Day so I'm going to file it under both categories.





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Red heart Table Runner

The table runner is made from Linen, which I've never used before. This is quite possibly the nicest table linen that I own. I'm almost afraid to use it, and I'll admit that I was terrified to wash it. It came out great though.
Construction: You start with a piece of linen or cotton that is 40x55in. You carefully transfer the pattern to the appropriate places, and then embroider it using whipped back stitch and bullion knots. You then fold it in half (right sides together) and stitch most of the way around the outside edge. (leave enough of an opening to turn it) Turn it right side out, and then stitch the opening closed.
Transferring the pattern:

I'd never done this before. I used the dressmaker's carbon and I pressed very firmly but not all of the pattern transferred. What did transfer was very light. As a result, my hearts have more bullion knots around the outside of them.

Valentine table runner

make your own holiday table linens


I really like the whipped back stitch. As a novice embroiderer my stitches aren't perfect. Wrapping the thread around the stitches made them appear a bit straighter and neater. I wasn't quite as fond of the bullion knots. It took me a while to get the hang of them so my second heart looks better than my first one.

You can look forĀ  Clare's book "Christmas Crafting in No Time" at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Powell's Book.